Xikar Xi2 Cutter and Xikar Customer Service.

I am impressed. I am really impressed. Sure. Xikar cutters are expensive. Cheap plastic cigar cutters are cheap. Personally, I wouldn’t trust cheap plastic cutters to cut expensive cigars without ruining them. My Xi2 doesn’t ruin cigars, but I have been having problems with it. The blades stick. You would think for a cigar cutter of this price and reputation that I wouldn’t have to pull the blades apart with both hands to use it.¬†Unfortunately, I did.

Xikar, kudos to them. Their lifetime warranty on Xikar cutters is badass enough (ship it in at any time, no questions asked for repair or replacement), but it seems that in order to be an authorized Xikar dealer, Brick and Mortar shops must also honor the Lifetime warranty, immediately replacing any defective products (if the same model is in stock). If the model is not in stock, a B&M shop will send it out to Xikar for you.

Sure, other products offer lifetime support if you’re willing to ship off the product on your own dime, wait 2 months, and get it back refurbed.. but there are not many products that you can walk into a store with, say “This isn’t working right” and have them replace it on the spot, regardless of the place or time of original purchase.

That’s very impressive Xikar. I approve.

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