What Ecig should I buy?

“All my friends have blu ecigs, and I saw something similar at a gas station for $40, should I buy that?”

This is a question that I hear typically. It’s a difficult question to answer because everyone has different smoking habits, budget, and taste. For the first year or so that I was vaping, I would typically overload the newbie with information, often watching eyes gloss over as I babbled on and on about voltages and resistance. I’ve learned over time that generally, people just want to be told what to do.

We are the few that take the time to read the forums, do the research, and take on vaping as an actually hobby. The general public has less interest. Now when someone asks me what to buy I respond in a more definate way.

Buy the KGO starter kit from www.hoosierecigsupply.com. Take the carts and atomizer that came with them and put them asside. Instead buy at least 10 of the Smoktek Dual Coil 1.5 ohm cartomizers, also sold by www.hoosierecigsupply.com. Buy a drip tip, and a small selection of liquid that sounds good to you. End of story. If it’s something you then decide to carry on with there are a million roads to travel.

In closing, buy This, This, This, and some of This

All told you will end up with a far better full day kit that will also serve as a worthy backup in the event that you graduate to custom mods (like we all do eventually) for under $100.

I am in no way affiliated with the KGO or Hoosier Ecig Supply. This is what I feel (out of the many devices I have personally bought and tried) most comfortable recommending to a new vaper.

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