Forever Unpunched!

My friend Crystal Joy and I wrote and produced a record. You’ll probably like it because it is awesome. Check out our band Rabelais at

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Programming script for FTM100DR and FTM400DR

I recently installed the new Yaesu FTM100DR radio in my car, and it’s not currently supported by any open source programming software. RT Systems has some programming software, but it only runs on windows, and […]

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Blackstone Valley 2m/440cm Repeaters and Public Service Frequencies.

Here is a list of all of the active HAM repeaters and Public service frequencies in the area that I can currently reach. This may be of use to someone in the Blackstone Valley Area. […]

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Luke MacNeil digs deep with ‘These Are Good Songs’

By Victor D. Infante TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF Add a comment   When Uxbridge musician Luke MacNeil titled his album “These Are Good Songs,” he wasn’t kidding. Of course, they’re all covers, but when you’re […]

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Inside Luke MacNeil

By Chris Bergeron Daily News Staff Posted Jan. 19, 2014 @ 11:34 am UPTON – Perched atop a stool in the Rose Room Revue, Luke MacNeil sings in a gravely voice about losers, lovers and […]

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