Loves me some cigars, loves me some vapor.

People that I talk to generally balk when I mention that I enjoy cigars. This is understandable. People are generally confused about why I smoke both electronic cigarettes and cigars. Obviously, if I still smoke cigars, electronic cigarettes must not be effective, right?

Not right. Both nicotine delivery systems meet different needs for me. For general day to day use, as a reduced risk (and price) alternative to smoking cigarettes, I vape. I take this further, much like I do with everything else to the point where it becomes an obsessive hobby. When I want to relax, test my palate, try to discern new flavor profiles and aromas, and dedicated 1+ hour to doing nothing BUT smoking… I smoke cigars. This falls into, I imagine the same category as wine tasting (which I do not do) for many people.

The point that I am trying to get across, if you haven’t picked up on it, is this:
There is a fundamental difference between smoking cigarettes (or vaping) and smoking cigars. All methods provide nicotine. This is apparent, but vaping serves the habitual need, and cigars serve no need at all. Smoking a cigar is itself, an activity.

When I am smoking a cigar I’ve never smoked before, I like to read others reviews of the same cigar, to see if I can pick up on and discern the properties described by others with more experience. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t, but the main point is… doing this is fun to me.

Cigars can quickly become a very expensive hobby, and while I do suggest that everyone at least try good quality cigars, I would never recommend them as a reduced risk alternative to smoking cigarettes. Totally different purpose.

Going forward I will write notes, reviews, tutorials, and other informative articles relating to both Cigars and Electronic Cigarettes, and I am open to your opinions, suggestions, or complaints on either subject.

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