Letter to my elected officials regarding cigars and electronic cigarettes.

Dear Elected Officials.

My name is Luke MacNeil. I live in Uxbridge, MA and am 28 years old.

All my life I’ve been told that freedom is right in this country, and each year that I grow older I feel as though my elected officials are letting that slip away.

Please don’t let anyone take away any more of the few freedoms I have left. It seems the FDA is hellbent on regulating all of the substances I want, and the DPH is forcing the ones that I don’t. (like flouride).

I’m writing more specifically because of recent negative legislation for the regulation of electronic cigarettes and cigars.
I was able to stop smoking cigarettes 2 years ago with the use of electronic cigarettes after failing with all of the “FDA Approved” solutions like the patch, gum, and Chantix.

In the whole time that I’ve used electronic cigarettes, nobody has been offended, children haven’t been harmed or coerced into partaking, and I haven’t caught any buildings on fire. Actually, the worst that’s happened is the cubicle in my office smells like blueberry pancakes and I can wake up in the morning without hacking anything up.

As for Cigars… seriously?
Is banning display humidors in cigar shops really going to do anything except hurt business and annoy citizens?
Does anyone really not know that cigars contain nicotine, that nicotine is an addictive substance, and it’s been known to cause cancer?

Please stop these guys (The FDA and the Board of Health) and let it be known that we do not want them intruding in our lives any further.
Even in 1984 Winston got to have his cigarettes.

I’m writing to ask that you strongly oppose these sorts of ridiculous bans and regulations. Let shop owners decide if patrons can use their electronic cigarettes in their establishments, and let me and my fellow citizens do what we want with our time, money, and lives.


Luke MacNeil

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