I really like guns.

I never thought I would, but I do. A lot. I really, really like guns.
As a little kid I was never into toy guns or bb guns or pellet guns.. or army stuff.
I liked MacGyver. He never used a gun. The bad guys used guns.

Well, that changed.

In the fall of 2011, we had a major storm here and were without power for about a week.
This got me to thinking about how horribly unprepared and dependent I am on… everything.
Soon afterward I started reading about prepping, survival, ham radio, and … guns.
Sure there’s more to prepping than guns, but I’m sure there aren’t any arguments… guns are the most fun.

As soon as my Massachusetts License to Carry was approved, I went out and picked up my first gun.

A revolver. Revolvers work. Revolvers don’t jam. Revolvers are easy.
I subsequently purchased an additional firearm every day that week.
Then reloading happened, and I purchased everything I need for that too.
Then science happened, and I purchased the chronograph.
Then bullet casting happened, and I purchased everything I need to cast lead bullets.

All those things happened in… about a month.

Now I’m going to write about it.
Hope you enjoy.

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