Fonseca Cubano Limitado Review

Tonight, Jenn got to rifle through the humidor and select tonight’s tasty treat. What she gravitated toward was the Fonseca Cubano Limitado that I had lying on the lower level of the humidor.. The only one of it’s kind lying alongside a pile of it’s Fonsecan brethren. This is said to be the boldest of the Fonsecas.

It’s easy to see why this is the stick that caught her eye.. The wrapper is dark and oily (which would set it apart from the pile of naturals under it), with an elegant and sophisticated looking gold and black band.

It does look nice, though not perfect. It’s very veiny, and these veins are quite detectable to the touch. They’re like stems. It’s firm and rigid, not even remotely soft. There is no give to it at all. There are numerous bumps along the length of the stick, and unfortunately there are three splits in the wrapper near the foot. Could have come this way, if I remember right this is a cigar that I purchased on about a month ago.

It doesn’t smell as strong as I’d expect giving the dark bold looking wrapper. The unlit draw is extremely, extremely tight and doesn’t taste like much of anything at all. I’m tempted to take more off the cap, though doing so would likely not make any difference and just cause the stick to fall apart.

The first thing I notice upon lighting is the taste that it leaves behind on my lips, it’s strong and bittersweet. Probably due to the oils on the wrapper. It’s got a unique taste.. Unlike any other cigars I’ve smoked. It tastes strong and almost synthetic. This definitely has a chemical taste to it, and it’s not lighter fluid.. After the first half inch or so I’ve  passed the split parts on the wrapper and they caused no problem. The draw though is very very stiff. Too stiff. This thing so far is… a turd sandwich with paint thinner mayonnaise. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I want my money back. I hope it changes drastically, and soon or it’s gotta go because this is in no way enjoyable, and I find it bordering on offensive.

AAAND… I throw in the towel. I firmly believe if it’s not pleasurable to smoke, don’t smoke it, no matter how much it cost. This isn’t. It looked nice though. I got about 1″ in. In the future I’ll stick with the normal mild Fonsecas.


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