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La Bomba 601 Review

The La Bomba 601, by Eddie Ortega is an odd cigar. This was recommended to me by the folks at my local B&M shop (Watch City Cigar Co, in Framingham MA). This recommendation came as […]

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Don Pepin Garcia Black Label Cuban Classic (Robusto)

I haven’t tried all of DPGs cigar lines as of yet (since he seems to put his name on everything lately) but those of which I have tried I enjoy very much. I think maybe […]

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Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Natural

This is my first cigar review. A year ago, this was my favorite cigar. Unfortunatly (since I just bought a box of them) this is no longer the case. I am going to attempt to […]

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Xikar Xi2 Cutter and Xikar Customer Service.

I am impressed. I am really impressed. Sure. Xikar cutters are expensive. Cheap plastic cigar cutters are cheap. Personally, I wouldn’t trust cheap plastic cutters to cut expensive cigars without ruining them. My Xi2 doesn’t […]

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Loves me some cigars, loves me some vapor.

People that I talk to generally balk when I mention that I enjoy cigars. This is understandable. People are generally confused about why I smoke both electronic cigarettes and cigars. Obviously, if I still smoke […]

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