Cain Daytona Review

Tonight, after a nice steak dinner, I’ll be reviewing the Cain Daytona Torpedo. It’s a nice looking cigar. Solid construction and a nice soft, dry wrapper (as in not oily). The stick is firm but there is some give to it. The wrapper is light brown and slightly veiny, but only one of the thin veins really protrudes. It’s a nice looking stick, though I dislike the band being placed at the foot rather than the head. It makes me uncomfortable because I’m afraid I’ll damage the foot removing it. Whatever. No big deal.

The smell of the unlit cigar is light and barnyardish.. and the unlit draw tastes really sweet and chocolatey with hints of sweetened coffee. It’s a tight draw, but not plugged.

The Daytona is made up of full bodied Ligero leaves, with a mild Habano wrapper. This is supposed to be Cain’s attempt at toning it down. After the first few puffs, this seems to me to be a medium body cigar. I think it’s touted as full, but it seems substantially less potent than I expected. It’s strong and smooth… But not ass kicking strong.

It’s not producing a huge amount of smoke, likely due to the draw being as tight as it is. The first few puffs taste a bit sweet with a dominant red pepper and nut. Right out of the gate, within the first 15 minutes, the wrapper starts canoeing, so I touch it up quick.

The ash is solid grey and strong, there’s no flaking and I don’t feel like I’ve got to watch my shirt or hang this over an ashtray. It’s not going anywhere. The smoke is warm and smooth, but is leaving a bitter-ish aftertaste on my tongue. That’s odd. At about an inch and a half I held the ash over the ashtray and gave a little tap.. but it isn’t ready to separate just yet. It’s unwavering. There were a lot of flavors in the first third, it was hard to discern them all but I got definite red pepper, chocolate, coffee, and nut. I liked it a lot.

The whole flavor profile changes for me in the second third. It tastes more nutty with sweet undertones and the pepper has subsided. That weird bitter aftertaste on my tongue has gone away and is now short, cool, and sweet. Exhaling through the nose gives hints of cinnamon, also the draw seems to have opened up. I’ve had to fix some canoeing about three times this far.

A bit after the halfway mark it gets really interesting.. I get very woody, earthy tones on the inhale and spicy tones on the exhale. There’s more going on with this cigar than I can explain. Every draw is a little different, on the inhale and exhale. If I wasn’t writing this review, it’s likely that I wouldn’t have noticed all the complexity that this stick delivers.

The final third is noticeably stronger, and the flavors blend together to be dominated by spice. I don’t make it to the nub on this one because it get’s bitter and too hot, but it lived a good, satisfying, 1.5 hour life.

This cigar has gone from a medium to medium-full body while deliver a constantly changing complex flavor profile. Very enjoyable and recommended.

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